NEW PIX!! I have put all pictures into the gallery, so they are all together now. I`ve also started a folder system, which makes it a bit harder to see at once which albums are new, but this way there aren`t going to be 50 folders on the main page.

Not all the pix on this site were actually taken by me.
I try to put the photographer's name in the caption, but please
let me know if I forgot and someone got pissed off.
If you want high resolution copies of some pictures, email me.
More albums to come - hopefully soon.

Die Bilder sind nicht alle wirklich meine. Ich bemühe mich,
immer den Photographen dazu zu schreiben. Falls ich das irgendwo
vergessen habe, nicht sauer werden, sondern einfach bescheid sagen.
Falls ihr Photos in höherer Auflösung wollt, auch einfach emailen.
Hier ist erstmal ein Anfang. Bald gibt's mehr Alben.

Here are my pictures.

This is my website at Macquarie University, where I am doing my PhD...
...which apparently I am going to kill soon...

And here are a few links to other websites.